Vilamoura is the greatest European touristic complex of unique characteristics. It covers about 2.000 hectares of land, but the main part is covered with pine forests, vegetation and even a estuary. The exceptional mild climate and the touristic offer makes Vilamoura one of the most attractive and looked for regions, all year long.

The Vilamoura marine, one of Europe's greatests, gives to its visitors, wether they come by sea or land, a vast range of technical and support services of the highest quality. Their streetside cafes invite to rest and social interaction, having as a background the marvellous sea, sun and Algarve's blue sky.
You may, however, opt to travel along the seacoast, or visit limestone caves in excursions of varied length.



Vilamoura is internacionaly recognised by its large golf offer. There are 4 golf fields: Old Course, Pinhal Golf Course, recognisedGolf Course and Millennium Golf Course. Unique in their architectural design and game type, the golf fields of Vilamoura are in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, allowing their visitors to experience unique memories.

In alternative to golf, you can chose between several different types of sports, such as tennis, mini-golf, nautical sports, horseriding, shooting fields or karting.

The Vilamoura beaches are the perfect place to spend a day in the company of the sea and sun and live unforgettable moments of joy and relaxation.




However, you can choose just to walk on the Vilamoura commercial area, were you can find all kinds of stores.

By night, visit the Vilamoura Casino or the surrounding clubs.

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